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M249 SAW W.I.P
2014-08-16, 08:42 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-08-16, 08:44 AM by Fru5tum.)
M249 SAW W.I.P
New school year means a new computer for me and that means more blender 2.69
And maybe 3DSMax which in turn means new models
So my first model I will release is the M249 SAW to replace the AK47 (I stopped my m4carbine cause the m16a4 is far better)
Quick Pic ?
[Image: Fn_mg_m249para11-1-.jpg]
M249SAW originally I thought I could replace the m21 cause well I mean 3 snipers is plenty....
Along with the m249saw I plan to make some "dlcs for it"
Including textures and attachments ( first is acog which I already have but needs a texture)
Wish Me luck as I'm here to please! Big Grin

By the way the firing animation is gunna rekt , the strap will shake perhaps and the reload animation will simply drop the current box insert a new one and pull back the bar on the right ( I need to check how this damn thing reloads...)

God must love stupid people. He made so many.

[Image: 8VEZK0Q.gif]
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