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ACR "Metro" App?
2014-06-26, 01:21 AM,
RE: ACR "Metro" App?
I remember @bluwarguy made a "plan" of the touchscreen controls if we were ever to have ACR on mobile devices.

One thing I think we should take into consideration is that most mobile shooters have aim assist, no matter what the level of difficulty. The reason for this is because to shoot on mobile, you usually either doubletap the "look analog stick", which means you don't have much time to aim.

From experience in AC, this will probably get exploited by cheaters.

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2014-06-26, 01:59 AM,
RE: ACR "Metro" App?
I still think the biggest problem is the OpenGL ES porting. I know there is a cube port for PDAs out there, but its quite old. I fear its hard to do as long as there is no OpenGL/ES lover with too much free time out there Wink

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2014-06-26, 04:45 AM,
RE: ACR "Metro" App?
No analog for lookining left side analog for moving right side fire button and and iron sights ill get a pic later
But you way to meunuver can be adjusted

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