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Porting the Scorpion Evo III to 2.7 & and My Return
05-05-2015, 05:32 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-06-2015, 12:38 PM by Fru5tum.)
Porting the Scorpion Evo III to 2.7 & and My Return
Sorry for inactivity end of the year, school testing, *insert excuse*
but id like to share what im working on in relation with porting mods from 2.6.0 and Below to 2.7 and up.
in particularly im talking about our great modeler Padge, he models with 3DSMax that has MD3 tags that do not support 1 direction. Basically if you try to add a tag in any other modeler the model removes everything except the current tags. I'm not quite sure if that is the problem or if im exaggerating, however whatever the case may be the process for porting the models is extremely difficult without the original software that created it. I've bought the commercial version of 3DSMax for my DV class next year and I have not accustomed myself with it like blender, however I am able to modify tags in the model with out any problems, but the actual problem comes when you export with 3DS, I dont have much more information about the problem but i feel i am close to fixing whatever need be.
In other news, Im making a mod pack (2 actually) 1 for the older versions, and one for the newer versions (2.7+)

2.7 Beta/Alpha Mod Pack 1//
-Enables Bot Names if you have not already done so
-Adds all maps I have that have authors
-replaces the suicide bomb icon that appears large in front of you with a nice MW2 Memory of a Radio Command Control, However this feature i have not been able to witness ( not sure why but i cannot enable suicide bomb lol)
-Replaces 4 guns with 4 guns
-M16 with M4 Carbine
-Intervention with APW
////AWP and M4 from this forum, don't know who made them
-MP7 from Epicz
-I will add the Agram 2000 not in there yet, Considering adding it as a Secondary....
-also replaced the MP5K with the Scorpion Evo III (or Agram if Evo won't work)
-ASWELL AS EDITED THE MENU NAMES!! So now in the Menu you can select "M4 Carbine" instead of the old name)
-replaces scope with DSO's scope if its not already there, Adds 4 new scopes including ACOG, IronSights for M4, and etc.
-Adds Zombies Agram
-Adds Mk Trooper Pistol I got from the AC Armory (if i use Agram then i can't use this...
-im trying to add the scorpion but as you know its difficult
-and a few things for custom game modes that im working on that you will love <3 in the meantime

EDIT:: I'm not doing the old version mod pack at all as it adds many complications and tons of limits...

God must love stupid people. He made so many.

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