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2.6 New Year - Victor - 08-22-2013

  • Fixed many licence problems (all of the ones with AC are resolved because our mods are moved to a mod folder and their copyright statuses are declared)
  • Forum Integration (new master-server protocol)
  • /ignore and /unignore
  • Server-configurable weapon stats
  • Improve multi-monitor support
  • Allow server admins to disable global bans, but an icon will be placed into the serverlist
  • Throttle demo downloads instead of restricting to admins
  • /autospectate (automatically spectate your killer for a BF3-like killcam experience) (in Gameplay Settings)
  • suicidecamera
  • Fixed bug preventing teammates from being healed
  • Indicate assist count in obits
  • Bot names by the client -- prevent admin name abuse
  • "restart/repeat this match" in vote messages
  • /maxroll is capped at 30 instead of 10

RE: [Future] 2.6 - dm.mossberg590a1 - 08-22-2013

How about adding the m1911 and fixing the shotgun spread?

RE: [Future] 2.6 - Victor - 08-22-2013

The shotgun spread is already reduced in 2.5.9.

RE: [Future] 2.6 - {KE}bluwarguy - 08-24-2013

also, the removal of all copyrighted content

RE: [Future] 2.6 - ruler501 - 08-24-2013

I think that should be a requirement for release.

RE: [Future] 2.6 - {KE}bluwarguy - 08-24-2013

it could take a while, but itd be worth it. first, i need to know what weapon models of mine will be in game so i can make textures for them. im also going to be taking pictures of walls, floors, outdoor stuff, and random objects for texture use in game. my main project right now are: a new map, an FAL, weapon retextures, textures for maps, pickups, and retexturing padge1's hand skin so that we're not stealing from CSS. another thing i want to do is make a player model (it might need to be a two man job though, so would anyone like to volunteer?)

RE: [Future] 2.6 - ruler501 - 08-24-2013

I think DSO said he had a friend who was going to help make playermodels.

RE: [Future] 2.6 - DeltaStrikeOp - 08-24-2013

Yeah, @kkww is attempting to make some low poly playermodels. I wish I could report the progress, but AFAIK, he's working on them.

But yeah, remember the M1911 and Mk. 12 SPR (@bluwarguy, hopefully you can texture it like how Padge1 textures it using rectangles) will get added in. @Victor and @ruler501

RE: [Future] 2.6 - dm.mossberg590a1 - 08-24-2013

The M1911 also has to be retextured I think. Same with the Glock.

RE: [Future] 2.6 - {KE}bluwarguy - 08-24-2013

ill start on those tomorrow