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Golden AK47!!!! updated! - Think3r - 08-11-2013

wasn't happy with the contrast between gold and default wood,so i darkened the wood:
[Image: jCKoXDM.png]

All three camos are in the updated link
Updated Link!

Back from the dead,I decided to make not one but two different types of gold camo for the ak47.

The First one has gold with the default wood,
[Image: 1J4vUpw.png]]
While the second one has gold with a black wood,
[Image: E9pvZr9.png]
To download

RE: Golden AK47!!!! - -{ET}-Kewbacca - 08-11-2013

cool model, its now MY ak skin, thanks Big Grin

RE: Golden AK47!!!! - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 08-11-2013

Nice job with that AK skin.Also,good to have You back!!!

RE: Golden AK47!!!! - DeltaStrikeOp - 08-11-2013

Cool skin think3r!

RE: Golden AK47!!!! updated! - {KK}Waleed - 04-13-2015

Very nice skin man like it. I suggest doing all the weapons GOLD and than making a package would be great.

Thank you
{KK}[email protected]
KK's Clan