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2.5.9 - Victor - 06-30-2013

  • Revert to the Cube licence (applies to ALL previous versions too)
  • Damage tweaks, balance, etc.
  • Fix forbidden speech false positives
  • Finish Server IP mute list (-s, default "config/servermutelist.cfg")
  • Rectify M16 exploit in sniping/insta (originally discovered by "jambo", "tiririca", and his other aliases)
  • Another fix for the zombies' explosions.
  • Completely remove friendly fire -- no more trolling from blockers/mistakes, except in hardcore, which redirects part of the friendly fire damage to the dealer
  • Lower falling damage for classic, restore drowning, but at a very slow rate
  • More tweaks for speedhack detection
  • Fake Red Dot support
  • Sniper zoom script
  • Stop deathcam on mouse move
  • Fade spectators on minimap
  • Prevent 1 anti-client and 2 anti-server crash exploits

RE: 2.5.9 Changelog - ruler501 - 07-05-2013

Maybe have a mutator for friendly fire instead of just removing it?

RE: 2.5.9 Changelog - rXn - 07-05-2013

Maybe add it to realism mode?

RE: 2.5.9 Changelog - DeltaStrikeOp - 07-05-2013

Agreed. Give a kill penalty (-2 kills for every friendly fire) for hardcore mode.

BTW, i dont think i've ever experienced friendly fire in ACR. Any damage you accidentally give to a friendly goes back on you, it doesnt kill your teammate. Am i misunderstanding?

RE: 2.5.9 Changelog - jonaspm - 07-05-2013

Can i suggest a character 3D model optimization?

If it's posible Smile

RE: 2.5.9 Changelog - Victor - 07-05-2013

@DeltaStrikeOp, friendly fire was partially reflected and zero damage was given to the teammate.

In realism mode, I suggest that friendly fire is enabled until you deal too much friendly fire.

RE: 2.5.9 Changelog - rXn - 07-09-2013

What about new world models? I know the current ones are extremely low-poly and therefore are great for performance, but today's pcs are definitely able to handle al lot of polys.
I'm actually optimizing/resizing/repacking some of the hud modells to be used as world models, but I think it would be good to ask for the creators' agree first (with this).
Maybe we should make an option whether to choose the old ones (for the Pentium II monsters some people seem to have) or the "new" high-poly ones.
I going upload some of the optimized models as soon as they are small enough and the creators of that epic models agree.

RE: [Future] 2.5.9 - AoS Torq - 07-12-2013

New guns?

RE: [Future] 2.5.9 - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 07-13-2013

If someone tells me how the world models are actually made I can try.They have some kind of animations.For example when the player runs the world model and the playermodel hands move frrom side to side.My world models stay still and look bad.

RE: [Future] 2.5.9 - Victor - 07-13-2013

@{ke}xdEpicZombie, you might have to ask AC because they might know more about the model specifications.