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Killfeed Reduction - Victor - 2012-07-22

EDIT: Newer one!
The visual obit condenses identical obits!

[Image: kYwK2.png]

The console is usually flooded with killfeed messages, so I implemented a new feature. It hides kills by the same player.

2x suicide
[Image: weCLt.png]

10x suicide
[Image: Gw4DS.png]

RE: Console Killfeed Reduction - pwned - 2012-07-22

does it only applies to human to bots or human to human or both?

RE: Console Killfeed Reduction - Victor - 2012-07-22

Currently, it applies to everyone.

RE: Killfeed Reduction - Nightmare - 2012-07-22

Nice, thank god!