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Halo weapons suggestion - {KK}Waleed - 04-17-2016

Hi. You all probably have heard of the game ‘Halo’ and my suggesting is add more weapons such as this gun in the image below:

[Image: latest?cb=20121117111037]

Can someone please make at least one model and I would be more than happy to create the skins for it. However, it would be very good, if we add few of the weapons from Halo in ACR.
Thank you,

RE: Halo weapons suggestion - asmanel - 04-19-2016

The main problem is halo is a copyrighted franchise.

So, skin that look like Halo ones can't legally be made. If somebody do it, he/she will violate copyright related laws.

Doing the opposite (weapons that work like the Halo ones but with others skins) can be done but it won't match with the ACR style.

RE: Halo weapons suggestion - {KK}Waleed - 04-20-2016

Don't worry about the skin. I will create the skin in photoshop and it won't look like halo skin. It's the model, which I will be greatful if someone can find.

RE: Halo weapons suggestion - Victor - 04-21-2016

It is not legal to copy Halo weapon models or skins verbatim without getting permission or claiming fair use.
It is legal to create models and skins from scratch, even if they look like Halo weapons.

So far, this poll has not collected much data. With ACR's inactivity, it might not get many votes.

RE: Halo weapons suggestion - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 04-21-2016

Do you want a Halo rip or a halo-styled gun model?

RE: Halo weapons suggestion - {KK}Waleed - 04-22-2016

halo style weapons !!