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[Future] 2.6.4 (maybe 2.7) - Victor - 01-12-2016

We should also try to get PortableApps support (make packages for PortableApps), but that can be done with 2.6.3 before the next release.


  • [TODO] Mac OS X support (Google Code Issue 30/GitHub Issue #48)
  • [TODO-HIGH-PRIORITY] Actual fix for bot A* crash (instead of a temporary fix) (#189)
  • [TODO-LOW-PRIORITY] New collect and harvester gamemodes
  • [TODO-HIGH] Toggle zoom/iron sights/ADS option (instead of holding) (#196)
  • [TODO-HIGH] Classic mutator enhancements
    • Perks preselected (light/streak)
    • Long flag indicator interval (10 s)
    • Shorter spawn protection time (1000 ms)
    • [TODO] Disallow/nerf Heal and RPG-7?
    • No throwing knife bleeding
    • [TODO] Disable autospectate (possible exception: unless (a new flag) is set in /autospectate)
    • [TODO] Nerf killstreaks (less airstrike damage, removed radar, nuke takes 60 seconds to activate)
  • [TODO] /crosshairold to force AC-style crosshairs
  • [TODO] Better knife hit detection (135/#153)
  • [TODO] Adjust weapon recoil stats (including M82 in classic)
  • [TODO] Speedhack detection from ACR 2.6
  • Informative loading screen text (131/#149)
  • HUD speed meter

  • [TODO] Remove all copyrighted content listed in docs/acr-README.txt
  • Fix server registration bug (#205) inherited from AC 1.0.4
  • [TODO] Fix SV_POS/SV_POSC bug
  • Fix master-server update lockout bug (when resolving fails)
  • Fix vote evaluation on disconnect
  • [TODO] Ignore map checks (fix acr_recreation)
  • Prevent forcing AFK spectators to SPECT
  • [TODO?] Limit zombie nade chains (like in 2.5.4?)
  • Fix assisted suicide scoring (
  • Disable bots when all humans are in SPECT
  • Show ping of old/new servers in the server list
  • Show colored server name on scoreboard

RE: [Future] 2.6.4 (maybe 2.7) - asmanel - 01-23-2016

Fix the pCube maps glitch also will be a good idea

The maps made with this Cube mod have CUBE as head and 6 as version number.

These maps are mistaken by AC/ACR for early AC maps, that also have 6 as version number.

They have the eighteen entity types, the seventeen ones of the latest releases of Cube and the CTF flags,

This cause several problems :
- most entities aren't correctly converted
- in ACR 2.6.3, when an entity of the types 16 to 18 (trigger, jumppad and ctf-flag in pCube) become the closest entity in edit mode, or if i switch to edit mode in a location from where a such entity is the closest one, the game crash (I didn't tried with the versions 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 but I think it will work the same way if I try to do it)

RE: [Future] 2.6.4 (maybe 2.7) - Victor - 01-24-2016

@asmanel, does it have something to do with a change after AC 1.0? Is it fixed by assaultcube/[email protected]?

RE: [Future] 2.6.4 (maybe 2.7) - asmanel - 01-24-2016

I don't know the code of old AC versions.

I also tried to do it with the versions 2.5.8 and 2.5.9 of ACR. The entities was misconverted the same way but no one cause crash.

About this commit, it can't fix this glitch because it continue implying any map with 6 as version number is an AC map.

P.S. : I had a doubt about old AC maps. I downloaded one and checked its head and its version number. As what I though, the version number is 6 and the head is ACMP, not CUBE.

RE: [Future] 2.6.4 (maybe 2.7) - Victor - 04-20-2018

Because 2.6.4 has some important bugfixes, this release will be important.

I will attempt to release it by September 2018, but there is no guarantee.