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Night play? - {KE}Agent 1007 - 2014-02-02

Just an idea,

I thought it might be cool to have a infrared scope kinda gameplay, where you could play in a night map. Probably more work than it's worth though.

I thought of this while playing a super old PS1 James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies game with an infrared scope sniper Wink

RE: Night play? - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-02-03

That'd be cool. I think what some games do like in Halo is to increase the gamma, though that doesnt really highlight the IR capabilities

RE: Night play? - rXn - 2014-02-04

I've once done a "quick and dirty" mod that turns all to "/fullbright" and then loads a nightvision-like texture over the whole screen. Although it looked quite nice, it was a bit op imo. Although fullbright kills all light differences (and maybe even shadows, I dont knw).
My idea for that would be to do something like creating a new game mode with different textures. These textures have a very special color. When doing all the post-processing stuff, the game would replace every occurence of this color with some "real" color and put that on the screen quite brightly.

RE: Night play? - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-02-04

that reminds me, can we have a selective fullbright setting? Maybe like only in a circular area, and it will have fog over distance to simulate the beam intensity dropping off over distance?

RE: Night play? - rXn - 2014-02-05

I "/fullbright 1" and "/fog 64" work nicely together, but I think 64 is to less fog. With a fog distance of about 40 (assuming a linear scale Tongue) it would be nearly perfect.

I have tested setting /fog to values < 64 but it messed up the screen. Does anyone know where those opengl fog definitions are done?

RE: Night play? - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-02-05

If it could simulate a flashlight at night, that'd be good. Of course, it might look weird because we can't see other players' "flashlight beam"

RE: Night play? - {KE}Agent 1007 - 2014-02-13

How do the slender games do it? Maybe they could "shed some light" (pun intended Wink ) on the situation.

Is it possible for something like a G36 (with a scope) to have some kind of little green lit scope that when overlayed would "highlight" any players in game instead of a complete mode?

RE: Night play? - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-02-13

Ah, i think you mean like Night Vision. Could be done by increasing the gamma, but not sure if you can make it selective

RE: Night play? - {KE}Agent 1007 - 2014-02-14

Ya, is there a game called "night vision"? I originally thought an entire mode, but maybe just a night vision scope or infrared on a single gun or possibly an attachment (though that would make for a need of multiple skins/models of the same gun). I would like to try to learn the basics of Blender this summer. Maybe I could model some! Wink

RE: Night play? - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-02-14

From what I remember helping RCON in Halo, if you turn on your gamma and brightness up, you will basically get "night vision" without the green overlay. Of course, it gave an unfair advantage in gameplay, so booted some players for doing that.

It doesn't look too pretty sometimes in game, and I have never tried it in ACR cuz I'm always afraid of screwing up the game (im a lazy bum, i dont like making backups)

BTW, there's this setting called fullbright, but I don't know how to use it. It's what a lot of players use in really dark maps, but I dont use it because I think it's cheating