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  2.5.3 Unnamed Fixed
Posted by: Victor - 08-14-2012, 10:01 AM - Forum: Releases - Replies (2)

Just as with 2.5 and 2.5.1, which is a patch that fixes the previous version, 2.5.2 and 2.5.3 will be the same thing.

The protocol is completely compatible, but has a protocol-related bugfix. If you do not update, you are vulnerable to those crashes.


  • Fix resume (airstrikes, nuke timer, etc.)
  • Fix server crash when a client connects
  • Fix client: another bot crash (by adding a typecast)
  • Widen the mario jump, only 10 cubes is required
  • Fix crosshair hitting the focus when spectating in 3rd person
  • No more speedhack gibs, unless almost certain, and generates warnings for lower speeds
  • Fix penetrate distance (penetration shots will not say 0.20m when it's as far as 200m)
  • Fix sendmap in coopedit
  • Fix name display (spaces) in server browser
  • Fix private (passworded) pongflag
  • Bots are called "a zombie" or "a bot"
  • Bots won't suicide with nades anymore

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  Developer Reversion
Posted by: Nightmare - 08-07-2012, 06:52 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (9)

Victor is no longer a developer for AssaultCube Reloaded. I am replacing him, as suggested by jamz from AC.

Jamz Wrote:(to Victor via email)
"The issue we have is with *you*, not your game."

The purpose of this is so that AssaultCube has no more issues with AssaultCube Reloaded.

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  New Anti-Spam!
Posted by: Victor - 07-13-2012, 09:24 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Since some legitimate users sign up, and do not post anything, it causes some issues with our current anti-spam system.

Old system:
User signs up, posts to the Introductions forum, waits 20 minutes, and is able to post anywhere. Failing this within 2 days causes automatic removal. Failing to confirm the email takes 1 day to remove.

New system:
User signs up with extra security features, confirms the email within 3 days, then gets full member privileges. Posts that might be spam (many outbound links) are automatically hidden until a moderator approves it.

If a user has 0 posts for 1 month, s/he is deleted automatically.

The user who signs up must answer some obvious question:

(freeze OR boil) water = ice
What is the uppercase version of "a"?
Round 2.0000 to the nearest whole number

Also, your posts (except for the Spam Forum) are checked against an algorithm for links and spam keywords until you reach Private First Class. Inbound links are exempt.

If it trips the 1st filter, your post is flagged to moderators
If it trips the 2nd filter, your post is hidden until moderators approve it
If it trips the 3rd filter, you must rewrite your post so that it has less links

If you spam your profile, a moderator will permanently ban you, and the automatic system will delete your account.

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  Public Wiki
Posted by: Victor - 07-09-2012, 02:47 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

http://wiki.acreloaded.tk/ http://acreloaded.wikia.com/
is now publicly editable. Don't make me regret it--I'm referring to spammers/trolls.

It has some lag issues that need to be resolved...

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  2.5.2 Unnamed
Posted by: Victor - 07-05-2012, 03:06 PM - Forum: Releases - Replies (4)

Get it now! Download it from our mirrors!


  • Added 3rd person
  • Added mario jumps
  • Fixed nextprimary code exploit
  • Fix sendmap (must send before voting)
  • Zombies have waves
  • Convert uses rounds instead of ending the match
  • Better throwing knife hit detection
  • Fixed vampire glitch (x2)
  • Fix server "logged in" twice message
  • Fixed martyrdom/suicide bomber crash
  • Fixed CTF drop in mid-air/water/platform
  • Improved the console/chat/obit feeds
  • Fix confirm flags by subtracting the player height
  • Fixed perk menu (time only allows 1 slot)
  • Zombie bots from 12 + 2n -> 15 + n, capped at 30
  • Revise falling damage (99 damage cap, more damage, quadratic, underwater always does 35 after 8 meters)
  • Possible fix for black damage screen
  • Fixed locked master-mode
  • Cannot load into coop-edit by joining an empty server
  • Fix reconnect sync (deaths, etc.)
  • Workaround for message when connecting with admin
  • Fixed laggy drowners (drown if lagging)
  • Transform clips to ammo for ammo modes (sniping/demolition)
  • Fix perk menu (ninja addition) and Ninja also reduces the sound when you hit the ground
  • Fix RPG reload (with spawn ammo of other weapons)
  • Delay explosion from suicide bomber (code hack to fix the double nuke glitch)
  • Clear kill confirm flags
  • Master-server update only every hour (4x less)
  • Obits show (quick/no/recent/hard)-scope
  • Fix auto-reload burst glitch
  • More fun comes from zombies' nades!
  • Condense console killfeed and visual obit killfeed
  • Fix Issue 16 - ADS bug
  • Fix healing damage
  • Fix return flag sound (music) glitch
  • Fix "change loadout" in the MP menu
  • Fix the 2nd perk being a double-slot perk
  • Fix bot balance when switching teams
  • Fix team glitch of getmap
  • Indication if teammates heal your wounds
  • Reresolve for the master-server IP, if the domain changes its IP

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  2.5.1 Speedy BugFix
Posted by: Victor - 07-01-2012, 05:00 PM - Forum: Releases - No Replies

There is no actual codename for this. Think of it as "2.5 Intrepid Final Patch".

It was released before the end of July 4, 2012. This is a 3-day timeframe that was used to fixed as many bugs as possible.


  • Fixed knife range bug
  • Fixed scoping in spectator
  • Fixed revoke/giverole vote strings
  • Fixed confirm locations for mid-air kills
  • Vampire HP capped at 300, random 1/3, 1/4, or 1/5 damage return
  • ADS will keep some spread for all except snipers
  • RPG range increase (4 to 5 m), damage increases (100-5 to 120-10), accuracy decreases
  • More recoil when ADS (compared to before)
  • Fixed self-healing in real mode
  • The console killfeed can be disabled.
  • Secondaries switch to the primary if out of ammo
  • Fixed the text chat bug (when a message is too long)
  • The master-server no longer checks nicknames
  • Knifing -> Demolition (sword + RPG)
  • Sniping give you a sword
  • New perk3: Ninja - Counters Recon (instead of Recon cancelling Recon) + silent footsteps

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  Licences Checked
Posted by: Victor - 06-18-2012, 02:57 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

It was completed and commited to the SVN. I counted about 15 copyrighted assets that do not explicitly allow use, nor do they disallow any use. The copyright owners may complain to us, at the Copyright Complaints part of this forum, and we shall immediately remove it when we verify you own the asset.

I Wrote:I will verify every file in the /packages directory for copyright compliance, and replace it into /packages/Readme.txt.

This will further reduce the ability for AssaultCube to complain about copyright.

As well, an AC Forum mod, tempest, said that CC-NC licences cannot be relicenced as GPL. I will probably have to update our licence to prevent commercial use.

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  2.5 Intrepid + Patch
Posted by: Victor - 06-17-2012, 10:23 AM - Forum: Releases - Replies (5)

This will feature custom classes, so that you can also set secondary weapons. There are 2 perk slots, but some perks require both slots.
Some glitches were noticed and fixed, like the ladder glitch, 1 bot code crash, and other unknown ones.
Also, there is a new mutator, "Vampire". It makes you start with half health, no regen, but you heal 20% of your dealt damage.
The addition of the new mutator caused me to fix the default maprot.
You should delete /home/config/saved.cfg as it is required for the class manager.

Happy Canada Day 2012!


  • You should delete /home/config/saved.cfg to reset binds/other stuff
  • If you use the default maprot or any maprot, you need to fix it
  • Custom Class, but only 1 slot
  • Multiple perks
  • The crossbow is now an RPG
  • Nukes don't kill teammates
  • Scoreboard shows 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  • Spawn protect reduced: Flags (1s), Team (1.5s), FFA (1.25s)
  • The HUD is rearranged
  • Fixed text chat bug
  • Support Mouse X1 and X2 (MOUSEX1, MOUSEX2)
  • Fixed 1 server crash (flag reset)
  • Tentatively fixed 1 bot crash (flag waypoints), fixed 1 bot code crash (OUTBORD check added)
  • Fixed ladder/scope glitch
  • Bouncy throwing knives
  • Vampire
  • Fixed "classic" friendly fire heal/hitmarkers
  • Fixed Akimbo shots/shells
  • Points awarded for healing
  • Fix SPECT to zombies bug

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  Negotiation with AC
Posted by: Victor - 06-16-2012, 11:40 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (25)

As suggested by someone, I have asked AssaultCube why they hate this mod, and request information on why they hate us and think we are violating their licence.

Delivery Queue:

  1. I have created an account on the AC forums, and put the notification into the biography.
    It was redacted, but I reposted it once. This means that one admin or moderator has already read it.
  2. I should have notified all developers via PM on the AC forums, but it was not possible.
  3. I shound have informed Jg99 as requested by Herobrine
  4. I should have posted to the AC forums, the entire message itself, unaltered, but after the above has been completed.
  5. I have contacted every op on their IRC channel, and posted a link to this post as well as an abstract of it.

This is the message that I have sent to them:
I Wrote:Subject: AC and ACR

To whom it may concern:

I, as a representative of AssaultCube Reloaded (hereafter "we, "us", "our name", "our game", etc.), am writing to you, an AssaultCube Developer (hereafter "you" as 2nd person singular), about AssaultCube (hereafter "AC", "you" as 2nd person plural, "your game", etc.) 's grudge against us as I was referred to you by Herobrine.

It has come to my attention that you are futilely attempting to hide our name. Google's autocomplete suggests our name if you type "AssaultCube" into the search box. Your attempts to prevent users from knowing about us are likely to waste their time, and does not benefit them in any way. That's what this project is all about, isn't it? We are to make the game better for our players.

In addition, you are misleading your users with false allegations of copyright infringement. We have listed all copyright issues in "packages/Licencing Issues.txt", starting from around our 2.3 distributions. Your code is licensed under the zLib licence, for which we abide with all its terms. The media's issues are listed in the aforementioned file, but we offer to immediately remove and replace any asset upon request by its owner. So far, the only requests we have received are concerning the entire package, which is not eligible under these conditions. If we have missed any, you are welcome to mention it to us, preferably through our forums. Please note that we are built on AC 1.0.4, so if you changed any licencing by 1.1, it does not apply here.

Your name is ineligible for copyright. If you know about Debian GNU/Linux, one might use your same logic and say that the Debian OS is infringing the rights of GNU and Linux's names, which is not the case.

In conclusion, we request you to:
  • Respond with the full description of why you dislike this mod
  • Cease to mislead your users with false allegations of copyright infringement
  • Not waste time trying to hide our name, AssaultCube Reloaded
  • Notify us of any copyright issues that we may have missed (probably not)

As I know, you are probably already prepared to ignore this message, so I ask you to reply at http://forum.acreloaded.tk/ within 7 days. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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  Operation Promotion Aftermath
Posted by: Victor - 06-15-2012, 06:42 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

Let's see the results

1) More persons have learned about this game, and probably like it better than AC, if it have more players.
"it have" is past present subjunctive and shows counter-factuality desire. Perhaps pluperfect subjunctive would sound better "it had had", but the sentence is about the present.
2) The players had had some fun on the headshot server, but it was shut down.
"had had" is past perfect tense, which means that it should complement some past tense, "was", or act as pluperfect subjunctive as described above.
3) Continued distribution
We still provide the server here:
and SSL https://code.google.com/p/assaultcuber-p...loads/list

4) Potential legal shit
Nightmare, under of alias of Grenade, sent DoS threats to them, which I and the rest of ACR are unaffiliated with.

5) Unproven quotes

Link via AC Forums Wrote:I talked to victorz just now, and he said he spammed the forums for publicty.
Prove it; I can't even prove that he said that, so how would he?
BTW: Learn to spell. It's "public-ity", not public-ty.

6) Actual potential legal shit
ShadowFlameZ via AC Forums Wrote:Somebody said something about ACR relicensing CoD stuff too.
Activision lawsuit against victorz?
No, because we don't use enough of their stuff, and they wouldn't care.

EDIT: more follows

7) Their "licencing issues" excuse:

As of June 15, 2012, 21:13 -0600:

Notwithstanding the following, are there any real licencing issues? The answer is no.
Their code allows for modifications. The rest of their package allows its use. I contacted everyone who requested me to do so before using his textures/other assets. One of them even thanked me for contacting him.

What's left? The following is.

We will replace any asset upon complaint from its owners:
audio/music/ac.ogg - © 2005 Dietmar "DCP" Pier
misc/ - makkE
misc/ - Infinity Ward
    waypoints* (except knife.png)
    *only portions of it
    laptop1 - © 2004 JCDPC
    barrel_ice, tree_snow - © makKe
    Ventflap - DCP (unknown copyright status)
models/playermodels (models only, no skins) - HitmanDaz[MT] (Darren Pattenden)

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