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Full Version: Damien's Pack of Skins
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I got another thing to release, and its not a map, its a skin pack for weapons, playermodels and misc.

Pack Includes:

Weapons - Black AK-47, Golden Knife (With World Model), Shotgun With Green Shells.

Playermodels - SWAT Blue Team, Custom Terrorist Red Team

Misc - Green "Up" Arrow, New Radar Killstreak, New Nuke Killstreak, New Airstrike Killstreak, New Juggernaut Killstreak, New Bleeding Icon, New Voice Com Icon,

Crosshairs - Green Sniper Dot, Circle Crosshair "Which Wont Work?"

And New Vote Icons!

Download it Here

I again, apologize for no pictures, but I think you will like it Smile
ooh, sounds awesome. Got any pics before I accidentally fudge up my install?
Love the new player models and the black AK Big Grin
Thanks! It was really the only thing I could understand what was what lol.
if only there was a f*cking download button on this piece of shit website  Angry Angry Angry