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Full Version: Chatbox for ACR forum
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Since several days ago (i don't remember when) the chat remain off.
Our chatbox is really like damn flapy bird,up and down,up and down Smile
If somebody else wants to host it, I would do the setting up (again) Tongue
It should be up again. It's running off of a home server and verizon annoyingly does not provide static IP's. Had to get someone at my house to look up the IP(I live away at college).
Yeah it works... just go to and you can chat again Smile
Victor will add it back to the top of the page today or tomorrow(it's past midnight where I am).
@ruler501, maybe you should set up dynamic DNS. I think my router supports dynamic DNS with some free providers, but if you don't want to use your router, you could run the client on the server.
Victor, yeah I used to have a script to auto-update it. I'll fix that up again and get it running.
Verizon(my internet provider) is really unkind for home servers so most tools don't work on router.
so, the IRC link is up again Smile
the chat doesn't longer work, since near from a week ago, now...
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