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Full Version: Chatbox for ACR forum
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Can someone explain why the fuck is the chatbox down???
The server is being moved as you can read earlier in the topic. The chatbox will come back on soon(hopefully)
It will come as soon as I get my one-chip-pc. Seems that they forgot me...
It can only be a question of years now. :p
This is being worked on. Me and sorunome started hosting it on my server(which will hopefully be up 24/7)
So yeah, OmnomIRC is back now!

For those who are curious, ruler501 is hosting it Smile
huh, the chat turned off again...
There was some problem with .tk domains I think(I'm really not sure it just randomly started working again). is a CNAME to, which probably expired.

EDIT: @ruler501 will fix it tomorrow night.
Small problem. .tk has decided to make my domain name paid so I'll have to switch over to something else(otherwise it's $20 or so a year).

For now I'm going to change everything over to
@ruler501, I've updated the CNAME, so it should be fixed.
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