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Full Version: Chatbox for ACR forum
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That is the problem - installation still requires some programming.
The file that needs to be re-rogrammed is this one:
because it is for SMF 1.1.18 and I'd need to reprogram it for MyBB (and I would have to install a forum on that).
And then what else would have to be done is point to the ip of the server of rXn and finally put a iframe under the nav to so that the chat widget is on every site on the top.
The main problem is the checkLogin.php file, though..........
We don't need to check for authentication though. It's just a public chatbox because people can connect to IRC and still chat. It looks like all I have to do is put an iframe and add a DNS record.

@rXn, just tell me the IP for the A record (or a domain for a CNAME record)
Well, the thing is that, just as on omnimaga, we also use authentication because, even though you can access over public irc, there'll still always be a nick reserved for you on your network (i hope i make sence here), and it is also easier to track some spammer down if he uses the irc widget and authentication is required.
But yeah, it's your call, i'll just have to add something where you'll have to enter a nick and somehow check that the nick isn't taken (should be easy to code as it already has a userlist of online users, but idk, i still think that it would be more reliable with authentication).
Technically without authentication it wouldn't even require DNS, but i just got an idea: I could still authenticate completley on the other server in theory! Big Grin

And then there is another question: which channel/channels and on efnet of freenode or w/e

EDIT: I got a far better idea: how about we still do authentication, but i'll just send you the php file (I'll make a MyBB forum quickly on my server) so that you don't need to grant anyone access.
EDIT2: Oh, and the authentication happens 'invisible', it detects if you are logged into the forum, thus that one file needed., for access and/or ports ask me!
OK, just post the file once it's done. I understand how the authentication works. It's a shared secret between rXn's server and ACR's forum, which secret ACR's forum uses to sign and rXn's server to verify.

The CNAME has been added. Do you want me to enable CloudFlare's proxy on it?
Well, as this is not the omnomirc where i am developing on i don't see a reason why not to enable it, but honestly i don't care. Big Grin
oh, and rXn, would you mind pm'ing me a account info (username+passwd), eventually, if you won't wanne give me root, you'll have to give me access to /var/www and set apache correctly and make a mysql db (if you wanne give me root it'll all be simpler for you, but that would require you trusting me)
Then it's up to rXn. Using the CloudFlare proxy means that the IP is proxied and the original IP is inside a header.

On second thought, it might not help too much because the traffic going to that server is going to be dynamic. Unless there is cacheable traffic, it might be pointless.
Ok, so which channel(s) and on which IRC network(s) should we connect to?

and rXn, even if i'd have root access, that doesn't mean i'll have root access to mysql so please be so kind and make a user for the chat thingy Smile

btw victor, what will the url be so that i can already put it into the code?
#acreloaded on freenode

What URL? If it's the CNAME, it's, the one I placed into a link above.
that was the one i was looking for, thanks! Big Grin
EDIT: And what irc channel(s) on which network(s) do you want now Victor?
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