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Full Version: Chatbox for ACR forum
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As long as you guys can use costume php scripts on the server and have a mysql db over normal http access you can run it, you just can't hook it up to real irc then Smile

EDIT: so it should work as the forum needs that stuff too
Well, it would be better to have IRC integration. Can a JavaScript browser access IRC?
The problem with connecting to irc without a server-side program is that webbrowsers block out port 6667 (irc port) due to security reasons (already tried, lol)
All those websites there listed also use a serverside program which is always running.
but didn't ruler501 say he had a server where he could host stuff? And if not and you absolutley want irc and you can access the mysqldb from your guys externally then i would be ok with running the irc bridge only on my small server.
I have a server with ssh access and python running!
If you are willing to use it, we would need a webservice like apache or nginx, then we'd need php5-cgi, normal php5 and mysql (python is only needed for a posting-bot)
and it would require a url like to point to your server otherwise many browsers would make it not work due to security issues.
apache, cgi, php5, mysql, python - got all that, and adding an url is not to hard i hink
now all we need is a official permission of victor - access to your server - access to the server where the forum is hosted on and some time Smile
Great to see this is working. I hope victor gives you the access. Omnom(the chatbox name) would be great to see on this site.
Is it possible to tell me the installation instructions? Granting access to the web files isn't that easy. I have to add you as a project member on SourceForge. Also, you might need to edit some templates, which are in the admin panel.
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