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Full Version: {KE} Clan
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I have started the {KE} 101 clan (kill everything, from this: K.E. 101)
[Image: BbnV94q.png]

current members:

{KE}bluwarguy "The M21 Spammer" Rank: Big Boss
{KE}mossberg590a1 "The SMAWer" Rank: Colonel
{KE}Agent 1007 "The Spy" Rank: Lieutenant
{KE}SortaSlimShady "The Missing" Rank: Corporal
My Pic ^ Big Grin
now that is freaking awesome. i need to make you a custom player skin and ill give you mine so you can see me. kinda like a jersey
good image Smile
i have put that like screen-saver xD
I would like to join.Im simply the guy who gives you new models
[Image: bnI2qjn.jpg]
Actually Ima sniper or a m16 rusher.
@bluwarguy PM me for more info for the AK
We can use this as our emblem (ex. put on weapons!)! Big Grin
[Image: lmC8UzE.jpg]
(Psst, Transparent Version: )

We have a new member! {KE}Ninja Waekka
thatd be a pretty good emblem to use. you should make that one with a star on the back of it
You might want to add you clan to this page on the wiki
I probly will tomorrow
Yeah i added him after he asked
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