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Full Version: Unrestricted Tags
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Every server registered under the official server may not restrict usage of the following "clan tags" because of its rules.

All of these styles apply if not explicitly declared:
  • TAG|
  • |TAG
  • |TAG|
  • [TAG]
  • {TAG}
  • (TAG)

All of these generic "clan tags" apply:
  • ACR - AssaultCube Reloaded

All of these specific "clan tags" apply:
  • bot*-* Servers without a bot definition will use these names. Humans may use it, but their ID number will be of a different color, and thus are distinguishable. (NEW: the specific name "a bot") Therefore, you may not restrict it.
  • Notwithstanding the above, you may restrict bot names if there is a valid reason to do so.
  • (no clan tag) - You may not force everyone to have a clan.

Any player visiting a server registered by the official master-server are free to use the above tags without interference from the servers.

For example:
[ACR]Player may not be accused of "clan tag impersonation".
You may not create a server that only allows people with clans at all times.
Operating a server only for clan matches with clan members only when the mastermode is private is OK.
Servers not registered from the master-server are OK; they are exempt.

If your clan tag matches one of them, then it's time to choose a new tag.
so u are saying that we can't use any of those clan tag styles above?
I'm saying the exact opposite. Anyone MAY FREELY use the above "clan tags".
oh alright
Unless the tag is in use, right?
Every clan tag listed here may not be "protected" in any way. If they're in use (I don't think anyone who plays ACR runs a clan with an ACR tag), find a new game or new tag.