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Hey everyone was wondering what was up and when the next update is to come out.

I stopped playing because the current update is no good to try to use like no knive throwing and cannot set the number of players i am against. therefore havenot been playing. if i can get an idea when the next update is that would be great
Development most likely resumes on December 22, 2014.

Throwing knives are in the task list for the next update. I remember that /botbalance was added to 2.6.1, but possibly not the menu.
._. this comment is to illustrate that I am in fact present.
Glad to see you! Currently making your video right now! Ima wing it for you, the video will be titled "Modeling for Video Games" with the tags, blender,modeling,gaming,game development, etc.... hopefully i can finish it! <3
I'm back after 11/30, 23:59 PST! Damn you college apps
and I'm here, just working my new magic to pull some super LOL funding here, taking some time though, you'll see soon Wink. Also I won my court case State vs Me Big Grin, that was easy xD