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Full Version: Does anyone know any place I can gather a team?
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I was thinking about making my own game but I need a team.This game would be simiar to Clash of Clans or Throne Rush-2.5D game where you can build your own village/city,recruit warriors,satisfy people,buy and sell resouces,make clans and much more.It should also have very nice graphics and a very big map.You customize EVERYTHING and do almost everything.Besides it probably wont be a pay to win game.I thought that it should be made in Unity so it can be released for Andoid and IOS too.Anyways I dont know how to make anything like that so I need a team,I would do the modeling and texturing.Any ideas where to find people?

PS:NOThere wont be any Optimus Primes running around in this game!
Don't bother. If "gathering a team" is the first thing on your list, you're wasting your time. You don't gather a bunch of engineers in a room and ask them to make you something cool, you identify what is marketable and ask your engineers to make it. has a place to post classifieds for what you need on your team i believe