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Full Version: A2000 W.I.P
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Started to model the Agram 2000

[Image: wPhf6ln.png]
[Image: 4L0wvbH.png]

Got inspiration from Far Cry 3!
[Image: 8Gb5Nvu.jpg]
That looks great so far, I love the inspiration weapon.

Everything is good license-wise right?
Interesting, I've never seen one of these before
@ruler501 Everything is ok!
@DSO well,it`s not a very well known weapon...

mesh will be finished soon!
[Image: iDHwSU1.png]

Should it be suppressed or not?!

[Image: TNuUsXa.png]
[Image: YzAx42U.png]
We'll damn that is nice!
I'm having big problems with the unwraping.This is such a bullshit!I really hope that I will finish this model.
I would say not suppressed. Looks great I really hope you can get this finished though.
This thread is 1337.
@Caruni Big Grin LOL
@Caruni and @xdEpicZombie, despite the fact that it's off-topic, LOL Big Grin
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