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Full Version: Site Problems? Lag?
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In the past couple of days I busted the site to be hatefully greeted by this fellow [Image: BKezWLP.png]
I received other ones of different types and I'll screenshot and post those if I see them, one of them told me that my phone and network were fine but host was fucked .-. Am I doing something wrong?

MOD EDIT: fixed image and grammar
No, but our host, SourceForge, seems to get errors sometimes.

It has nothing to do with CloudFlare.
Oh:/ okay well if it happens again wih something different ill be sure to let you know. And how did u get the image to do that? I can't do it anymore
You have to use the direct link to the image file, not to the image page.
Ohhhhhhh :3 okay then right click copy URL Smile got it thx
Perhaps SourceForge has IP rate limiting, so CloudFlare could have problems. I disabled CloudFlare on this forum, so it might work better now.
I havnt noticed any problems and the site also seems to run and load faster than it use to
I guess CloudFlare is now overused, so I disabled CloudFlare on most of my subdomains.

The error in the original post could still occur though. That has nothing to do with CloudFlare.
Aprreciated :> Well the chat ever be back up?
I should have it back up within the week. I just have to fix up my desktop first and then I should have some left over time/money to fix the server.
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