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Full Version: ACR "Metro" App?
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I got to thinking that there are NO good first person shooters in the Windows 8 "Metro" store.

Is there anyway that ACR could be brought into the Windows 8 app store?
ACR could get some good popularity I think if it hit the app store (At least for PC) I'm not sure about how it would work with cross-platform stuff but, I thought I'd throw it out there.

(As I write this I'm starting to realize that there is probably a lot more coding to implement if it were to be used on a touch screen Tongue )
I'm not familiar with the Windows 8 App store, so some of these questions may seem stupid.

Can Desktop apps make it into the Windows 8 App store?
If not, can ACR be Windows 8 Metro app that launches into the full-screen app that it is today (desktop-only)?
Desktop apps can be made into Windows Apps. I made a "game" using Construct 2 and got it to be ported to Windows 8 Apps using VS Express 2013. I think the limitation is that it must be fullscreen (no windowed mode?). This would however significantly open up audience base of ACR, because right now, Windows Apps are significantly behind. I have not seen a single release in the Windows Store that is groundbreaking with the exception of Spartan Assault. During college I plan on creating Windows apps to hopefully become known as a Windows application developer (after of course, learning how to code xD).

A significant problem of course is the touchscreen controls unless we make this a desktop exclusive (mouse and keyboard necessary) game. Not many people using Windows 8 on PCs actually use the W8 Store, so that's a problem.

Side note, to be honest, when I was at the HS Hacks (High School), even the Windows people werent that dedicated to the platform. Hell, they taught us how to make their apps using a chrome browser. They all seem to only care about their own work, which doesn't show the cohesive structure that I've seen at both Google and Apple (as much as I dislike Apple). Heck, some of them didn't even know how to use Windows 8 that well.
There are desktop apps in the store, however they are external links.

As for the second question, I'm not sure if that would follow their "rules."

I looked into development for Windows 8 apps quite a while ago, and found a good page that tells these rules, however it looks like they remodeled since then and I can't find it.

Here's a page that might help:
If ACR can be successfully ported over to become a Metro app, we'll probably unintentionally boost the popularity of Windows 8, and contribute to the rise in the Metro Store. Hell, maybe even publicity by CNet or something (ahahah, im hilarious, like that's ever gonna happen.¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

I guess another problem would be multiplayer for phones if we also decide to port to the Windows Phone store. Gotta start small though.

Before that, I think we need some professional looking models, both for the world and client-side models. Firearms are a big issue. Default models look.... nonprofessional.
Yes touchscreen would definitly be intresting and its possible with ios8 .-. A good 30 frames per second complex for multiplayer but if that's in the appstore for ios the popularity would blow higher than the grenades , unfournatly it would need to be made in swift r something , I'll definitly look into multitouch gestures would be nice , cram rate would be high , but for a game thats so visually appealing for ios you'd hate our sound quality ,

[Image: CahOZav] I can't get it to upload in reply

That picture is from modern combat four a badass ios game runs pretty good no lag most of the time, multiplayer and single player cons 6.99 on App Store i play it on iPhone 4s which obvious can handle it and becuase there are hardly any water animations in acr we can run at easy 30 -55 fps of course again tough for multiplayer cuase of a small server .-. But main focus would be touch .-. Swipe to aim move with d pad , basic stuff like that but with anything other than windows is aparently complicated , unfournTly no such thing as a Linux phone but what ever :/ a changelog if the game is touch wouldbe of course touchable icons (dpad- grenade icon run crouch drop flag ( which on HUD ur have the flag so it shows a flag tap flag to drop .-. And what not Smile unfournatly anything outside of the windows store is gunna cost us .-. On appstore itz like 100 I think .-. Or u just need to have Xcode on Mac :00 steam is 100 , Mac store is like 100 so yea * publicity* <
= *money*+*quality* we pay to put it out they pay to take it .-.

I have no comments on android or google play ima just say how much would it be sold for if it isn't free[/quote]
If we ported to SDL2 we could compile it as is for iOS and android(I'm not sure about Windows phone), but that is a decent amount of work, I'll look into it though. I have some experience with writing apps that can be compiled for computer or mobile before.
That is good

Speaking of which could you cook up a mobile editor? Perhaps a way to edit source code on the go?
Mobile editor is a little beyond me, I'm sure something exists for android that is decent at editing code, not sure about a whole development environment though.
Dang I have ios
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