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Full Version: Vote for the engine you think we should move on to
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Vote for the engine you think is reasonable to move on.Think about the graphics,physics and etc.

I forgot to add Unity 4,sorry!
Add Red Eclipse (a Cube 2 total conversion) to the list.

Real Eclipse (forum) is a Red Eclipse mod (like ACR for Red Eclipse), but it hasn't started yet, and I'm not sure if it ever will.
How can I change the poll options!?!?
Click the "edit poll" link where it says "[Show Results | Edit poll]"
I don´t have it.I can´t even delete the whole thread.I would have made a new one with Unity and Red Eclipse in the poll!
It turns out that this is a restriction by MyBB for safety reasons. I'll edit it for you.

EDIT: I had to remove the "other" option because polls are limited to 10 options.
You can remove Red Eclipse. It isn't an engine. It' a game using the Cube 2 Engine, that is one of the other entries.

I'm against abandon the Cube Engine.

However, I'm not against a fork to an other engine.
I not profi, I don't know cpp, but a little experimentation.
I think victor and I should totally use Ogre3D and Physx. If we did the result we be almost realistic.
ogre3d is not a game engine, it is just a rendering engine.
Also is PhysX cross-platform?
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