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Full Version: Neoaxis game engine
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I have found a perfect game engine to go over to.Its called neoaxis.
The graphics are good but not too fancy.Physics are great,you can push round objects,blow away all kinds of other objects.Ragdoll is great too.Guys download it and have a look at the demo maps.Physics need a bit work and also textures,sounds and models have to be made for the game.If everyone would give they're best we could actually get a cool game that might just get popular.Look at it this way,if team fortress,some random shitty game with no point got so popular we have a chance too!Or I dont know,look at LoL,most fucked up game that looks like crap and has no point(okay some strategies there are).

I added some videos for you guys!
It's freeware, not free software.

Nobody prevent you from trying to make yourself an ACR mod With the Neoaxis game engine, like there is an AC mod, Assault Cube 2, Using the Cube 2 Engine instead the first Cube Engine, but you probable never will be helped.

Of course, I disapprove this.

It's like trying to make a GIMP user leave GIMP and uses Photoshop instead only because Photoshop, unlike GIMP, is a tenor of the market.

About NeoAxis, There are four versions and only one, that is incredibly limited, is free, and each one of the three others cost a lot. I saw your video demos and several others, and I have reasons to think these videos are made with powerful computers and show performances that aren't possible with most computers (I also saw this with the Cube 2 Engine).

Now, if you think we'd better to switch to any other game engine. I respond you the Cube Engine remain improvable. People tend to like this engine because it's old but free (in both senses), open source and efficient.

Note there are various feature that aren't in ACR but can be found in other games using the Cube Engine.
Neoaxis engine doesn't need some powerful performance,I can run it with maxed graphics in my old laptop thats really shitty and I get average about 40 fps.If You can get cube engine to use normal,occlusion and displacement maps I would not suggest Neoaxis.There are some other cool effects like the particle system and some more good looking stuff.
Check out this glowing effect:
[Image: 5aXVEdg.jpg]
Or this lens flare and shadow
[Image: K6kbcEw.jpg]
Its amazing!

Text from

NeoAxis 3D Engine Free SDK

NeoAxis 3D Engine Free SDK is a free full development environment, which includes most of the engine features such as quality dynamic shadows, landscape editor, soft particles, modern full-screen effects such as High Dynamic Range, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Depth of Field, Light Scattering, Lens Flares, and many other features. The full list of NeoAxis 3D Engine editions is available on licensing page.

Please make sure that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.

We could definitely use the free one and start the making of a new game!!!!
I think Cube 2 and Tesseract have "normal, occlusion and displacement maps" plus they're open-source.
Just to show you guys,I mad a screenshot of how water looks in Neoaxis engine:
[Image: xuhJytU.png]
AC and ACR also have the water reflection.
Here's the thing

If we change to this new engine

Wouldnt everything have to be modified? We cant even be called ACR cuz we dont use the cube engine.
Naming the game is the smallest problem,for real!

@asmanel acr water reflection is looking a lot worse than this!
I myself have some problems with your (their?) interpretation of "free". I dont want to quote the usual statement with that "free beer and speech" stuff, but NeoAxis seems to have some bigger problems:

1. There seems to be no (official) Linux/Unix support. I think many people on Linux (*nix) use Cube engine. And because they dont give you full access to the source you cannot compile yourself. And dont even think of wine, its great but on slower machines it would make all the graphics and improvements (particles) unusable or drop fps badly.

2. This is the biggest problem: No full access to the source. With all consequences.

3. I prefer to use (FL)OSS (that open source thing Tongue ), and I think many people try to support open source projects (like *Cube*) although they (for some reasons) usually work with f. e. Windows. I think there would not be many people to help creating closed source software when it is not neccessary (eg drivers).

4. Its unclear whether we would be allowed to relicense it. Remember the trouble with AC.

Anyway, I think I found a better engine:
Some cool stuff, well documented, able to handle a lot of different files, zlib license ( the 'do whatever you want' one Wink ) and platform independence. Afaik it is able to run on slower machines, too, big community and able to do OpenGL and DicrextX rendering.
I checked out the irrlicht engine myself a few days ago.The graphics are a bit better than ACR has,but still its too bad(IMO).
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