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Full Version: Mouse Sensitivity resets itself when scoping/rightclicking
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Yo, if i put the Mouse Sensitivity to "3.0" (or something else), it just resets itself to some random numbers.

Help :[
If there isn't already a bug report on it, file one at the issue tracker.
I thought someone maybe had a suggestion for it.
Actually, watch your formatting when you set the sensitivity. That's happened to me, and if I retype the sensitivity, it works
What do you mean with "formatting"?
I'm at school rn, and I'm not certain, but if I remember correctly, if you type in just "3" or something, it doesnt work. type in "3.0" or similar
That is a bug though, 3 should automatically default to 3.0
I always used "3.0"
Did you tried to set this with the console ?
Good idea, lemme try that.

Edit: No, still resets. It decreases the sensitivity even more if i scope again. (Any weapon)
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