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Full Version: Slayer
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You probably know Newcube (aka nce2012), a mod (apparently a reboot) of cube made by Nixot and released in 2009. That game contained nice new features : monster triggers, fire entity and probably some things I forget.

Maybe you also remember this, where rXn responded me the Cube Engine can't be improved.

I recently discovered Nixot, after the relaese of Newcube, worked on a successor of this game, Slayer.

It seems this game never was released. When Nixot announced it, he said "if you want to be a playtester then feel free to e-mail me". I'll e-mail him but not today. I want to successfully make an ACR source mod before.

According to what I found, it contain new features that can't be found in Cube, AC or ACR but can be interesting to implement in ACR, such as the triggered explosions and the particle effects.

I found five videos of this game :
* oldest known video
* spinpuckup
* spinpickup2
* main demo
* flak cannon demo
asmanel, could you post your new ACR armory forum link up? looks like it works now. =)
@camper this is the link to the Newcube Quadropolis page, where I downloaded Newcube eleven months ago. Apparently, the second (and current) download link is now broken.
Yes, indeed. I downloaded the summer of 2013. The author does not mind if I will fill in later on file exchanger?