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Full Version: RPG Projectile Based
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I think the reason the RPG is OP is because the 'rocket' instantly hits its target, like a bullet. TBH, if we made it projectile based, it would be more realistic and less OP because it requires precision and timing to score a kill.
Yup I was thinking of making it slow enough to be dodgeable at a distance and people with the vision perk will see it coming.
I guess one of the problems w/ having a "slow enough to dodge" RPG is that it would be very unrealistic. RPGs often travel almost as fast as a bullet to the naked eye.

Victor once posted a picture of how an RPG works. I'll see if I can find it.

But another think that maybe we should consider is maybe bringing back the exploding bolt crossbow. Gravity has a more pronounced effect due to the slower projectile. That or maybe even a grenade launcher. Something along the lines of maybe the M79 or M203/320/GL1 style or perhaps even something like the XM25. I will try to do more research to see if the speed of those rounds in real life are "slow" enough to the point where players can react to them.
Jet engine is meant to increase the velocity of the projectile with a 120 m / s (at the moment of departure of the logs) to 300 m / s (at the end of the engine). from
im liking the grenade launcher idea.
So, reading from wikipedia and other sources, the slowest projectile that is even remotely "dodge-able" might be a 150 lb draw weight crossbow. It fires bolts at around roughly 62 m/s. This is arguably the minimum amount of power a crossbow needs to take down an animal, so this would be lethal both as a "bullet" and as a explosive delivery device.

The next slowest thing is the M79/203/320/GL1 grenade launcher. They fire grenades at around 76 m/s.

To give you guys a perspective, the fastest baseball pitch was around 45 m/s. One of the fastest golf ball drives was around 85 m/s.

The plasma pistol in Halo fires at around 109 m/s, and it was slightly dodgeable.

So now would be the question of whether or not a modeler is up to the task of creating either a crossbow or grenade launcher.

Also, from research, Special Forces units actually use the M79 even today, "due to its greater accuracy and range compared to the M203 (350m effective versus 150 m effective on the M203). The M79 has seen notable limited use during Operation Iraqi Freedom, such as for clearing IEDs." - wikipedia M79 article

Reading more, it looks like the M320 is basically a modernized Grenade Launcher that has the M79's specs.

So take your pick regarding the model you're interested in making. I'm not sure how fast we're going to make the projectile in game though.
they also have severe 'bullet' drop, which would be a bit easier to dodge

and i might make an HK69 or an m203 standalone
Sure. BF3 uses the M320, which does look pretty good too.

I wouldn't say they have severe bullet drop. All objects are affected by gravity in flight. Its just that they travel slower, so the effect of gravity is much more pronounced.

An example of this would be throwing a coin off the top of a building, throwing to the horizon. Whether you throw it fast or slow, both coins will land on the ground at the same time, ignoring other variables such as wind resistance and spin, etc.
I'm working on making the RPG a explosive grenade at a higher velocity that explodes on impact.... luckily all I have to modify is the oncollision function after inheriting from grenadeent. Right now it spits out grenades but they don't explode.
BTW guys, what is your take on having an explode upon impact hand grenade? Looks like it's working pretty well in BF4. They do exist in real life, but are very dangerous to use because of the fact that if you hit something close to the thrower, well, everyone is going to have a hard time.

Also, the V40 grenades are used in BF4. So if a modeler wants to start work on the cluster grenades and use those V40s as reference, that'd be cool.
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