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Full Version: AC 1.2
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All got it? AC 1.2 is ready?
I see they've gotten some inspiration from us...
  • Hudgun can be displayed when spectating (and in demos - e.g. /specthudgun 1).
  • Burst fire settings
  • Prevent name/skin changing spam
  • Server side spawn delay check
Rendering / HUD
  • showspeed - turns speed indicator on/off
  • New "flyspeed" variable for determining how much to multiply your fly speeds by. (Range: 1.0...5.0)

Well, we can use their ideas and they can use ours.

I see some good ideas:
Prevent clients from downloading the same demo twice (rather than rate limiting)
Now using ANIM_REVERSE for playermodels going backward.
=) open source software.
Yes, it's open source but it isn't a free software, just a freeware.
Yup same with ACR now that we're forced to use the Cube license
most things you mentioned, victor, were implemented years ago. and none of them were taken from ACR.
i think i can now see what RR meant when he said you were proud of yourself. You think that when someone did something similar to youn he copied you.

But who is copying things here ? You. First you definitely need to change the name of ACR to something that doesn't contain "AC" because this is pure provocation.

Also, here is one of the multiple examples of your lame attempts to copy everything we do :
which is an obvious copy of

whoever did that, it is a shame, put this offline or change it completely.

It's getting ridiculous. I came here to ask your community to fix what had to be and so far in return this is aall i got :
- someone copying akimbo
- soemone threatening to hack akimbo
- the admins refusing to communicate this IP although i need it to identify this person in case he does attack us. by doing this the admins are protecting this individual and implicitly agreeing with his intentions.
- victor crashing my servers, although i don't remember i ever did something to him

AC was not taken down because you refused to give this IP (how can you believe in something so ridiculous ?), but because of ddos attacks and now it's back again.

I thought we would find a comprise but i'm afraid i'm wasting my time here. I tried to prove i was willing to cooperate but you obviously refused.
1. We do not crash servers. Ever.
2. Yes, Akimbo was copied, BUT the name is different, and no it will not be taken down.
3. We protect the IP's as part of our privacy policy.
IMO victor IS being stubborn.
1. Victor did (still does ?) and admitted it.
2. You can't copy things like that. it's unacceptable. when someone does that, even if he could get away with it, it cleary proves how bad he can be.
also, your forum name is "akimbo", ("AssaultCube reloaded akimbo").
3. Of course, that's it...
Ok, I don't run the ACR Armory/akimbo, I will ask them to change the title but not how it is run. It's perfectly legal to protect IP addresses, we don't have to disclose them unless we feel it's necessary.
I hope, this time, it will be accepted by the ACR Armory admin.
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